c Aëla Labbé

c Aëla Labbé

 Two performers - two bodies - two masses gravitate towards each other. The vibrating relationship between sound and silence, movement and stillness flows freely and leaves its trace. 

TIDE is an ongoing exchange between Icelandic dancer and choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir and Norwegian composer and trumpet player Eivind Lønning. After years of developing unique personal methods of incorporating improvisation with structured frameworks, Bára and Eivind combine their research and present you with TIDE. A piece where music and dance merge together into one experience.

TIDE is not only to be perceived by the eyes and the ears, but through the skin and the whole being.


TIDE premiered at kc Nona Mechelen on the 9th of September 2016 and tours internationally.             


TIDE explores the interactions, frictions, parallelisms and oppositions between the visual and the audible stimuli. Both performers have a unique capacity to touch an audience in an unexpected way. They render high quality - some might say abstract - work accessible even for a non trained audience, by offering the viewer a tool to enter their world. When watching and listening to Bára and Eivind on stage, your imagination is triggered and your senses are enlarged.

“It’s not dance, nor is it music. It’s movement, it’s sound, it’s breath.”

Roos Vlogman, Festival Cement Dagkrant, 22 March 2017

Norwegian composer and musician Eivind Lønning (°1983) is one of the most prominent and active young musicians on the Nordic creative music scene, and is internationally recognised for his sensitive and highly personal sound. A sound which is not only perceived by the ears, but through the skin and whole being. His compositional material for the trumpet offers clear structures with strict framework, while allowing the freedom of improvisation within. His experience with extended playing techniques for the trumpet present a truly unique repertoire. Eivind has received several awards, including the Young Lindeman Award with Streifenjunko, the Norwegian Grammy in the categories contemporary music with Christian Wallumrød (2014), and jazz music with Marius Neset/Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (2015), as well as being nominated for the Nordic music awards twice. 


Coproduction: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
With the support of: kc NONA BE, Sláturhúsið Egilstaðir IS, Reykjavik Dance Atelier IS and Scenehuset Oslo NO
With the financial support of Arts Council Norway - Norwegian Icelandic Cooperation, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie of Brussels Capital Region, Mobility Programme Kultur Kontakt Nord.