With THE LOVER, Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir explores the complex relationship between man and nature.

THE LOVER - variation on location was developed in the summer of 2015 and premiered at TAZ (Theater aan Zee) festival in Oostende on the 31st of July and played 14 times. It is an extended version of the theater performance and has received critical acclaim. For this version Bara Sigfusdottir once again worked together with scenography & architect collective 88888 and light designer Kris van Oudenhove to bring the performance alive into a Hangar at Oostende harbour, this time for a standing audience. The space was kept in its neutral state but received support from the creative team in order to enchant its natural qualities and possibilities. Speakers and lights were hidden behind columns, a daylight HMI lamp was placed by the main light source from the windows to ad a dash of extra magic, and 88888 designed a sidewalk laid diagonally in the space, which guided the focal point of the audience towards an interesting and more unusual angle of the space and the whole experience. This sidewalk also functioned as a delicate sound installation when people moved around and gave yet another layer and sensitivity which supported the whole experience.

"With The Lover, The Icelandic dancer Bára Sigfúsdóttir created an enchanting choreography that begins with a quivering arm - rarely seen anything more fascinating than these simple movements of human muscles. You will be all eyes watching this enchanting man-beast."

– Evelyne Coussens in De Morgen, 30th of May 2015

c Sarah Baert, except last photo: c Klaartje Oerlemans