UPCOMING WORKSHOP IN GERMANY - The body between reality and imagination

On 14th-18th of May I will give a workshop at Fabrik Potsdam during Potsdamer Tanztage. I will share my practise of using improvisation as a compositional tool, working with elements such as musicality, presence, focal point of movements etc.

Fabrik Potsdam is a wonderful residency space close by Berlin on the bank of the river Havel. I have already been there in residency + performed three times over the years, including “being” and TIDE. This is the first time that I open up my creative practise in a form of a workshop there and I am truly looking forward to meet the local dance community + anyone else interested in attending that week.

Registrations are OPEN: @ FABRIK POTSDAM



Eivind Lønning & myself (TIDE) and Aëla Labbé & Stéphane Imbert (LUCANE) will join forces in an improvised performance installation titled MOSI in Nantes France next Friday. Be welcome to join us at Sept Cent Quatre Vingt Trois!

Special thanks to STIKK (Norwegian Arts Abroad) for the support.


Nulty Bod festival in Prague, Czech

I just spent a really nice week in Prague! 

I traveled there for giving a couple of workshops (one open and another with The Spitfire Company) and on Saturday the 22nd of July I performed The Lover (Milenec in Czech) at the Celetne Theater, an intimate venue in the heart of the old town of Prague. I was invited by the lovely artistic team of Nulty Bod Festival and my stay was EU funded which meant that the performance was for free! Amazing!! We had a full house of audience, a great vibe and nice reactions. Thank you for hosting us Ludmila, Petra, Petr, Mirenka, Lucia and everybody else <3

It was a sunny week so in between work I got to spend some cozy time in the city. My favorite areas so far are Karlín and Holešovice. I hope to be back soon.

* * *

Interview about THE LOVER on the Czech Radio: 
http://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3893341 (it starts at 37:14)

Interview at Tanec Aktuality Czech dance magazine: http://www.tanecniaktuality.cz/s-barou-sigfusdottir-rada-premyslim-o-svem-tele-jako-o-vizualni-entite/

Festival website of Nulty Bod/Zero Degrees festival:



Residency for being at Grand Theatre Groningen - The Netherlands

From the 3rd-13th of July I continued to work together with Masoumeh Jalalieh and Alireza Mirmohammadi on my new creation being. We had great working conditions and the piece developed a lot during those days.

You can find more info about the project on our blog: www.projectbeing.net


PREMIERE will be in CAMPO Gent (BE) on the 26th and 27th of October 2017 in collaboration with Vooruit. Book your tickets here: http://www.campo.nu/nl/production/9186/being


Im performing in the work of Norwegian writer & choreographer Janne-Camilla Lyster in Gothenburg on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd @ 3:a Våningen! This time its a trio together with Marie-Louise Stenteberg and Cecilie Lindeman Steen. Pass by if around <3

I spent last week in residency here! #brugge #kaapcreativecompass #greatspot


Impressions from the IETM Satellite meeting in Beirut

I got invited to attend the IETM Satellite meeting in Beirut last autumn through a generous initiative by KUNSTENPUNT. This was my first time at both IETM and in Lebanon. Those days left a first impression of a special place, to say the least. 


Read about the experiences of myself and others here at the Kunstenpunt TRAVELOUGES

And here you can read the REPORT from the meeting, written by journalist India Stoughton


In Oslo there exists a unique platform called Praxis. Every Friday from 9 until 11 a different dance artist is invited to share and reflect upon their research and current practise. Afterwards there is coffee and tea. I was there on the 10th and 17th of February. Thank you to everyone who came! I enjoyed.

More info: http://www.praxisoslo.no

I spent last week working in this sunny place  #stukleuven

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-Prepping together with my technicians Kris & Kasper!

A love letter

I was (and still am!) touched and flattered to receive a poetic love letter written by American choreographer and writer Megan Bridge a couple of days ago. She experienced THE LOVER at the Nordic Ice Hot dance festival in Copenhagen last December 3rd. Im feeling very motivated to continue researching the body - a body - our body. A human reference we share no matter who we are or where in the world we come from. Thank you Megan! <3 

-read the letter here-